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Every business works differently.

Timereactions' flexible drag and drop interface allows you to configure your workflow processes and precise timelines that drive your business

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  • UFO Group
    UFO Group

    UFO Group is a Canadian apparel manufacturing company established in 1990 with an in-house design, production, and administrative team of 9. They are closely aligned with 4 factories in Bangladesh due to a favorable Canadian Trade Agreement Duty Rate. They currently produce 4 million units annually for their Canadian retail clientele.

    Before Timereaction

    The well-seasoned team has successfully created an email and spreadsheet dependent production system. The challenge is that the purchase orders are initially grouped according to season and fabric requirements with minimal style information, requiring multiple revisions as individual styles get confirmed, making it very difficult to adapt to traditional software solutions. The production team is required, via use of this spreadsheet driven orders mechanism, to follow up on the movement of pre-production, trimming, and raw materials in order to keep production running smoothly and on schedule. This generates massive amounts of emails, clogging inboxes, resulting in an unread backlog and constant escalation of issues.

    "I would find it hard to work elsewhere without this tool."

    Timereaction considerably reduces the volme of e-mail and time wasted searching for them. All pertinent information is grouped into threads of conversation, in one place and chronological order, simplifying follow-up.

    MaryAnn Zinius - Production Director

    With Timereaction

    Upon creation of a Purchase Order Process, a hard copy of the spreadsheet generated PO is attached as a starting point to the workflow. This Purchase Order automatically generates a pre-established timeline and populates a Time and Action Calendar to keep Management and Logistics teams updated as the order moves from the approval to shipment stages. Timereactions' automation tool logistics creates sub-processes for the pre-production, trimming, and fabric based on critical dates and notifies the team of creation of their tasks, and dynamically creates their workflow. The associated message thread based on user permissions allows nested communication and attachments based on the steps within the process, permitting transparency across the design, production and manufacturing teams.

    "Timereaction has tremmendously helped our company manage timelines and tasks.

    Timereactions' Message Center has made communicating with international suppliers easier and smoother. We no longer have to filter through tons of emails to follow up since they're all built into threads that will keep all valuable information under the same message."

    Marie Laverge - V.P. Development

    Timereaction Configuration

    Timereaction is configured primarily for the production team, and manages up to 600 orders at any given time. The team is organized where one individual manages one department, and as a result, one workflow. Management monitors and Logistics creates and manages Purchase Orders, Production coordinator manages Pre-production, Trim coordinator manages the trim workflow, and Fabric coordinator manages Fabric.

    The workflow is categorized by client due to different requirements and timelines. Every client has their own Purchase Order workflow, and the automated associated parallel workflows including pre-production, trim and fabric. Communication is simplified because the coordinator receives messages specific to the process and client.

    Timereaction Metrics

    UFO Group was chosen as one of 300 companies to participate in the Canadian Governments' Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program (DTAPP) to determine if technology can increase business productivity. As a result, we are allowed to discuss the metrics of this client based on the disclosure agreement from the DTAPP project.

    UFO Group was chosen as one of 300 companies to participate in the Canadian Governments' Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program (DTAPP) to determine if technology can increase business productivity. As a result, we are allowed to discuss the metrics of this client based on the disclosure agreement from the DTAPP project.

    The volume of emails was reduced by 50-70% based on 300 emails a day, with a 2 hour per user/day savings. The production cycle was reduced by 21 days based on a 120 day turn. The company was able to increase sales by 15% using the same resources.

  • Emanuel Geraldo
    Emanuel Geraldo

    Emanuel Geraldo Accessories Inc. has been one of Canada's leading wholesale importers of ladies, men's and kids fashion accessories since1982. So much has changed in the apparel marketplace since then, but one thing remains constant; our commitment to producing in-demand, high-quality, price-sensitive product for our Customers, worldwide. With a fully staffed head office/warehouse of 30,000 square feet located in Montreal, Canada, as well as production offices in Hangzhou, China and sales office in New York City, we have all the resources necessary to develop ever-appealing product while satisfying the demanding and evolving needs of our many Customers.

    Before Timereaction

    Emanuel Geraldo manages thousands of samples across a multitude of overseas suppliers, some of which are only used for one season based on quality and reliability. Sample requests originate in Montreal and are managed by a team of 6 coordinators, and are tracked via their 8 corresponding people in their China office, with the information being relayed via email and spreadsheets on a daily basis. The volume of email and analysis of the information contained in the spreadsheets consumed considerable time.

    My initial reaction was "again another system to waste our time? Trust me that is NOT the case!"

    Timereaction makes it a lot easier to be able to keep track of all the steps needed and frees up more time to work on other projects. Communication is all done in one area which makes it easy to find what you are looking for. Everything you do is logged in and recorded, no more forgetting about doing something.

    Monica Taveres - Production Coordinator

    With Timereaction

    The original project was to create a simple Sample Request workflow that tracked and reminded the responsible parties of critical dates to assure that all samples arrived on time, and how distribution was handled once they arrived in Montreal. Each of the coordinator handled certain clients, and their China office was also assigned to particular clients with a supervisor overseeing the operation.

    Once the teams in Montreal and China realized that this was a technology that fit with the way they needed their business to progress into the future, and eliminate the sheer volume of emails and various spreadsheets, it was decided to rollout Timereaction into the Production cycle based on simplicity and functionality. .

    Timereaction is very useful and functional.

    I found Timereaction is super efficient and easy navigate.It's clear and precise, very useful when dealing with large amounts of information."

    Lucy Castro - Development Coordinator

    Timereaction Configuration

    Timereaction was configured for the Development team to manage up 600 Sales Requests per season containing up to 7 styles each. Groups were created that included a Montreal based coordinator, their counterpart in China, and certain factories with long standing relationships and assigned to particular clients, so that each coordinator only saw their information. In the case of factories that were not equipped or given permission, the China office acted as intermediaries to keep the responsible parties aware of progress or issues.

    Production was configured using the same Group organization, but broken down into responsibilities. Once a Purchase Order was created, the automated sub-processing created Logistics, handled by Management and supporting Logistics staff to keep delivery and documentation in order. The Production group handled their clients pre-production to quality control process, and Fabric and Trim handled by individuals only responsible for their tasks, and not see any of the communication or workflow not relevant to their role.

  • Fred David
    Fred David

    Founded in Montreal in 1990, Como Fred David is a Montreal-based garment product development and manufacturing company that is fully vertically integrated, with offices in Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Our mandate is to provide an efficient full service apparel life cycle solution to our partners locally, and globally.

    Como Fred David possesses strong sourcing capabilities that allow us to develop a wide array of woven, knit- cut/sew, denim, sweaters, jackets, etc. Our global manufacturing facilities are varied, allowing us to select the optimal manufacturing partner based on the commercial requirements of our customers. All of our factories are Wrap-Approved with impeccable and responsible, ethical, sustainable, and social responsibilities.

    Before Timereaction

    Fred David's Montreal based production team of 20 manage the purchasing cycle using email and spreadsheets and felt the need to more efficiently manage hundreds of Purchase Orders per season. With the diversity of their client base, and the different needs based on Vendor Compliance and Quality Control there needed to be a more efficient way to maintain an audit trail.

    Timereaction has singlehandedly made my job easier!

    Timereaction configured our processes that worked for everyone and provided us with one centralized calendar.

    With streamlined communication we now are able to find exactly what we are looking for in one click instead of time consuming searches. Deadlines are displayed at a glance and issues are as plain as day!

    Lisa Pedicelli - V.P. Production

    With Timereaction

    Each of the 8 product coordinators managed the entire process from start to finish, with input from their fitting and quality control team members at various stages of the production cycle. Timereaction had to recreate an environment that reflected this and allowed input and approvals from these individuals. There also needed to be separate workflow categories based on the varied client requirement.

    A great product for a company looking to streamline workflow

    All the information regarding a project is in one location. You are able to see a timeline of exactly what has happened during the production process. This includes all the files and correspondence without needing email."

    Tanya Settles - Designer

    Timereaction Configuration

    Timereaction was configured strictly as a Production tool, with a single linear Purchase Order workflow being entered, running through the entire approval process, until the goods arrived at the warehouse. Groups were configured based on their clients, but further sub-divided into commodity, either knits or woven. This configuration allowed the coordinators to manage the workflow and communication of only their specific clients, including the commodity fit technician, and corresponding factory person responsible for that particular client and commodity.

  • Roadrunner

    Roadrunner is a Canadian apparel manufacturing company that has been in business for over 30 years with an in-house development, production, and logistics team of 20. They produce and stock a branded product sold through many major retailers in Canada, United States, Mexico, Australia and Asia.

    Their core supply base is SGS approved factories in Bangladesh, China and Pakistan They currently produce 20 million units annually for global distribution.

    Before Timereaction

    The multi-divisional company is comprised of a development team working closely with their retail partners to analyze and develop the latest trends, a graphic team working on all the technical details, a fit team that manages the development to production approval process, and the logistics department that manages all the purchases.

    Currently, purchase orders are entered in the company's ERP and then emailed to their overseas supplier. There are frequent revisions that if are not acknowledged via email and adjusted at the factory level, based on the order quantity can have a significant impact. In addition, managing hundreds of purchase orders simultaneously with the various steps spread out across multiple departments operating via their own individual spreadsheets and emails creates a huge potential for errors and non-compliance issues.

    It's your whole workflow right at your fingertips.

    Timereaction gave me and my team our workflow right at our fingertips, designed specifically for our needs.

    I like the visibility & customized set up which allows you to see the whole process. This allows you to have a better understanding of where are at, and where you need to be.

    Lucie Pace - Production Director

    With Timereaction

    The purchase orders created in the ERP are manually entered and attached in Timereactions' pre-configured workflow engine based on the customer-specific criteria. This automatically creates the workflow timeline with all critical dates and sends a message via the internal communication center to all the participants involved that an order has been created and the attached PO can be approved or commented on without the need for an email. This then allows the various internal and supply teams transparent access to all communication, task completion, and documents that are important to keep the process moving smoothly. Issues and delays are reported in real time as the order progresses avoiding miscommunication and inaccurate spreadsheets traditionally handled via email.

    Timereaction is a system that simplifies complex workflow

    "Timereaction is a system which simplifies complex workflow. It lists all processes and will not allow you or your team to miss even a small detail. All people involved can find their own jobs and trace the progress easier."

    "The conversations remain together and their custom tools make it very easy to manage communication. You only need to use Timereaction rather than reading your e-mail box everyday."

    Kathy Haiying - Supplier

    Timereaction Configuration

    Timereaction is configured primarily for the production team, and manages hundreds of orders at any given time. The logistics team can monitor the confirmation of all amendments to the purchases to ensure that the factory produces the correct order, and has a clear audit trail if there is a variance from what was ordered compared to what was received. The graphic department is traditionally handling a branded product, so there is little variance in their technical details.

    The greatest benefit is to the fit technicians, who manage multiple steps as samples move through the pre-production phases, and the different requirements of customers that require special handling or quality control. Due to the complexity of some of the customer requirements and the sheer volume of purchase orders, the exportable workflow reporting tools assure that everyone is aware of issues, and able to operate as a team to address outstanding issues in a timely manner.