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Case Study
"I would find it hard to work elsewhere without this tool."
Timereaction considerably reduces the volme of e-mail and time wasted searching for them. All pertinent information is grouped into threads of conversation, in one place and chronological order, simplifying follow-up.
MaryAnn Zinius - Production Director

Who is UFO Group?

UFO Group is a Canadian apparel manufacturing company established in 1990 with an in-house design, production, and administrative team of 9. They are closely aligned with 4 factories in Bangladesh due to a favorable Canadian Trade Agreement Duty Rate. They currently produce 4 million units annually for their Canadian retail clientele.

Before Timereaction

The well-seasoned team has successfully created an email and spreadsheet dependent production system. The challenge is that the purchase orders are initially grouped according to season and fabric requirements with minimal style information, requiring multiple revisions as individual styles get confirmed, making it very difficult to adapt to traditional software solutions. The production team is required, via use of this spreadsheet driven orders mechanism, to follow up on the movement of pre-production, trimming, and raw materials in order to keep production running smoothly and on schedule. This generates massive amounts of emails, clogging inboxes, resulting in an unread backlog and constant escalation of issues.
"Timereaction has tremmendously helped our company manage timelines and tasks."
Timereactions' Message Center has made communicating with international suppliers easier and smoother. We no longer have to filter through tons of emails to follow up since they're all built into threads that will keep all valuable information under the same message.
Marie Laverge - V.P. Development

With Timereaction

Upon creation of a Purchase Order Process, a hard copy of the spreadsheet generated PO is attached as a starting point to the workflow. This Purchase Order automatically generates a pre-established timeline and populates a Time and Action Calendar to keep Management and Logistics teams updated as the order moves from the approval to shipment stages. Timereactions' automation tool logistics creates sub-processes for the pre-production, trimming, and fabric based on critical dates and notifies the team of creation of their tasks, and dynamically creates their workflow. The associated message thread based on user permissions allows nested communication and attachments based on the steps within the process, permitting transparency across the design, production and manufacturing teams.

Timereaction Configuration

Timereaction is configured primarily for the production team, and manages up to 600 orders at any given time. The team is organized where one individual manages one department, and as a result, one workflow. Management monitors and Logistics creates and manages Purchase Orders, Production coordinator manages Pre-production, Trim coordinator manages the trim workflow, and Fabric coordinator manages Fabric.

The workflow is categorized by client due to different requirements and timelines. Every client has their own Purchase Order workflow, and the automated associated parallel workflows including pre-production, trim and fabric. Communication is simplified because the coordinator receives messages specific to the process and client.

Timereaction Metrics

UFO Group was chosen as one of 300 companies to participate in the Canadian Governments' Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program (DTAPP) to determine if technology can increase business productivity. As a result, we are allowed to discuss the metrics of this client based on the disclosure agreement from the DTAPP project.

The volume of emails was reduced by 50-70% based on 300 emails a day, with a 2 hour per user/day savings. The production cycle was reduced by 21 days based on a 120 day turn. The company was able to increase sales by 15% using the same resources.