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Intuitive Customization Toolset

Just because your business is unique, configuring workflow to meet your needs shouldn’t require a programming degree.

Our flexible customization toolset featuring a drag and drop interface, enables you to intuitively configure workflow processes and assign timelines that match up exactly with your unique business and operational needs. “I like the visibility & set up which allows you to see the whole process. This allows you to have a better understanding of where are at and where you need to be” -- Lucie Pace – VP Production Roadrunner

Visual Time and Action Calendar

Your To-Do list is long enough, let alone worrying about the action items your team is responsible for.

At the heart of Timereaction’s collaborative workflow management system is the powerful search and exception-based Time & Action Calendar providing a truly proactive and collaborative environment that can turn the most chaotic production schedules become crystal clear with just one glance. The Time & Action Calendar acts as a central dashboard enabling team members to clearly see when events need to be completed, and more critically, flag the “overdue” events that are holding up projects from moving forward – so you never miss a deadline. “Timereaction is a system which simplifies complex workflow. It lists all processes and will not allow you or your team to miss even a small detail.” -- Kathy Haiyang – Owner SD Metals

Predictive Scheduling Engine

You can’t mobilize a dynamic team using static spreadsheets.

Timereactions' unique predictive scheduling engine empowers and aligns your team’s actions by providing them with real-time visibility as tasks are completed, events occur, and workflow progresses. What’s more, any delays along the way are flagged and timelines are recalculated to ensure everyone involved is advised accordingly and remains focused and accountable for getting their work done on time, every time. “Spreadsheets and broken email chains are a thing of the past. With integrated communication and workflow management all our internal processes are compiled into one streamlined conversation.” -- Mesharet Kuhlman – Owner Evolutionary Branding

Enhanced Workflow Automation

There’s a limit to how much you can plan and coordinate –automating workflow can help you regain control.

Dynamically predict, create, and adjust your business-critical processes and timelines in a single click using Timereaction’s Workflow Automation tool. No matter how complex your business model is, our workflow automation tool dramatically speeds up and simplifies planning. Any parallel subprocess and and their trigger date dependencies are automatically created for you, so you can focus on executing. “I love how easy it is to timeline our entire workflow by simply entering one key date.” -- Monica Taveres – Emanuel Geraldo

Event-Centered Communication & Documentation

You consume way too much time searching, sending, and filing information – when its primary purpose is to use it.

As your team collaborates and the workflow unfolds, conversation streams and documents are automatically nested around each related activity. Centering communications and documentation around workflow events provides the team access to critical information and answers when and where they need it – without wasting time searching, sending and filing information. “Timereaction considerably reduces the amount of e-mails and the time wasted searching for them.” -- Mary-Ann Zinius – Production Coordinator UFO Jeans

Integrated Message Centre

Imagine getting your work done without checking your inbox

Rather than scrolling through endless email threads, Timereaction’s integrated messaging center captures conversations all within a commonly shared workspace, and automatically associates user comments to relevant workflow events and files that everyone involved can access. What’s more, users can hold themselves accountable with a bullet-proof audit trail that time stamps the moment users read their messages, update events, comment or attach a document. “Communication and workflow bundled together, allowing people to spend more time being proactive instead of chasing the issues” -- David Kadosh – COO Celebrity Pink

Targeted Messaging Tools

Cutting through the clutter can be challenging when your team receives hundreds of communications per day.

Timereaction’s integrated messaging center provides users with a variety of targeted messaging tools to inform team members depending on the purpose and urgency of the information. Users can write personal notes as reminders, send private messages, flag conversations, or escalate issues to the entire team all within the same platform. “I appreciate how transparent the system is. Everything is clear so there’s nowhere to hide. Timereaction avoids the possibility that emails disappear.” -- Michelle Bonadie – Production Head Jammers

Seamless Document Integration

Sorting through the latest version updates of a document can stall projects and prevent teams from advancing.

With the ability to attach documents centered around workflow events, Timereaction enables your team to share and access the latest files, when and where they are needed, as their work progresses. What’s more, Timereaction integrates with your favorite cloud-based storage systems like OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive. “I have used Asana in the past, but really enjoyed the ease and functionality and liked the way the documentation could be applied to the specific task to confirm completion.” -- Sheila Farkas – Production Manager IndoChine

Intuitive Permission-Based Access

Sharing information can get tricky when collaborating with suppliers and customers on one platform.

Timereaction allows your team to collaborate freely with suppliers and customers while protecting your sensitive information with permission-based folders. System administrators can ensure sensitive data stays in the right hands by deciding which users have folder access, and whether sharing is allowed outside the company using intuitive sharing controls. “Our team in China has no issue accessing Timereaction from their laptops & cell phones anywhere in China which is a plus.” -- Hailey McGill – Project Manager Danby

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